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In the past, aluminum was not considered a good roofing material because it was believed to not be as sturdy as metals such as steel. Recent innovations in the metal industry have stabilized and fortified this metal, making it stronger. Today, it is growing in popularity for residential roofing projects. Capital Roofing, LLC is proud to offer installation services for aluminum roofing in Claremore, OK. If you’re interested in discussing the possibility of upgrading your home to an aluminum roof, give us a call at (918) 260-4075.

Benefits of Aluminum Roofing Installation

Aluminum Roof

Aluminum Is a Great Choice For Residential Roofing.

Aluminum actually makes a great roof. In recent years the price to install an aluminum roofing system has gradually been falling. This roofing material gives your home a distinct look and increases the energy efficiency within the house. Aluminum is a durable, long-lasting roofing material that isn’t subject to rust or corrosion. Aluminum roofs will not warp, crack or burn. Perhaps the only drawback to these roofing systems is that they are not resistant to hail.

Aluminum roofing is available in several different styles. If you want metal tiles, metal shingles or a slate metal roof, you can get them in aluminum. Aluminum can also be used to construct a standing seam metal roof. This diversity allows you to choose the aluminum roof that will best suit your family’s needs and fit the look of the rest of the house. The roof system can be installed as individual tiles or the metal can be fashioned into panels that appear to be tile or shingles.

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Aluminum is a great choice for your home’s metal roof. Connect with Capital Roofing, LLC to start the process of installing aluminum roofing in Claremore, OK. Once the installation is finished, don’t forget that we also offer repair services, should your aluminum roof be damaged in the next hail or windstorm. We are here to help with all your aluminum roofing needs. If you’re looking for a roofing contractor you can trust to discuss all your metal roofing options, give us a call at (918) 260-4075.