Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone Coated Steel Roofing

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Do you love the appearance of a stone tile roof, but want the characteristics of a metal roof? Consider installing a stone coated steel roofing system on your home. This roofing style is durable and economical to install and increases the curb appeal of your home. If you’re interested in hearing more about stone coated steel roofing in Claremore, OK, or Tulsa, OK, call the roofing experts at Capital Roofing, LLC at (918) 260-4075. We can help you understand the benefits of upgrading your old roof to this new, attractive roofing material. We work with only the best roofing products, so you’ll know that once the installation is complete, your roof will be secure for many years to come.

Benefits of Stone Coated Steel Roofing

There are many reasons why you should consider installing stone coated steel roofing on your home. These roofs have a unique aesthetic, while still providing great protection for your home. Here are some other benefits you can enjoy from stone coated steel roofing.

Easy Installation: Stone coated steel roofing is installed in panels, instead of one tile at a time. It is a durable, lightweight roofing material, which means the installation is fast and easy.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing on a Home

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Provides a Great Look and Excellent Protection For Your Home.

Resistance to Storm Damage: Severe weather does not harm these roofing systems. Each piece of roofing material is coated to protect against hail damage. Stone coated steel roofs will not be damaged by fire or an earthquake.

Adds to the Value of Your Home: Stone coated steel roofs give your home a classy look while providing excellent protection from the weather. These roofs are very popular with homebuyers. Installing one on your house could seriously increase its value.

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At Capital Roofing, LLC we understand the importance of your home’s roof. We also know that how your home looks to the people on the outside matters to you. For information about a roofing system that provides excellent protection for you and your family and increases the curb appeal of your home, call (918) 260-4075 and ask about stone coated roofing in Claremore, OK or Tulsa, OK. Our company works with only the best roofing materials, so whatever roof you receive from us is guaranteed to be the best roof you’ve ever had.