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Soffits and Fascia After Soffit Repair

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Your roofing system is made up of different parts, many of which can be overlooked or forgotten when discussing roof repair and replacement. Two such roof components are the fascia and soffits. Soffits are the underside of the roof overhang. Their main function is to ventilate the attic. Fascia is the vertical siding on the end of the roof. It serves a mostly aesthetic function, but it also protects the edge of your roof from the weather and animals nesting inside. If either of these two parts of the roof is damaged or missing, it can spell disaster for other parts of your home. When you need fascia or soffit repair in Claremore, OK or Tulsa, OK, call the roofing contractors at Capital Roofing, LLC at (918) 260-4075. We can perform minor repairs or do a full replacement on your soffit and fascia boards.

Do You Need Fascia and Soffit Repair?

You may not know what to look for to determine if you should call a roofer for fascia or soffit repair. There are many signs that point toward a problem in your roof’s soffits and fascia board.

Damage in the Attic: It might seem counterintuitive to go up to the attic to look for damage to the outside of your home, but since the fascia and soffits protect the attic, it is a good place to start looking for damage. If your attic has severe water damage or you find nests for birds and squirrels in your attic, you most likely need fascia or soffit repair.

Fascia Board on a Dark Roof

Fascia Board Protects the Edge of Your Roof and Gives Your Home a Sleek Look.

Cracked Boards: If everything in the attic checks out, go outside and look up at the underside of your roof overhang. If the fascia and soffits appear to have missing or broken boards, it is time to the call the roofers. Water damage and wood rot are also signs that your soffits and fascia need repair. 

Functional Life: Like any other part of your roof, the soffit and fascia only last so long. Most roofing manufacturers say that these parts of the roof have a functional life of about 25 years. Once that time has come, they should be replaced.


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