Slate Roof Installation

Slate Roofing Installation

Slate Roofing Installation Requires Precision and Experience. Call Us Today to Install Your Slate Roof.

Are you noticing a decrease in energy efficiency in your home, along with obvious indications of wear and tear on your roof? If you are looking to improve the longevity of your home by purchasing in a high quality roof solution, we might have the perfect solution for you. Slate roofing tiles are particularly resilient, last for up to a century, and are seen as one of the greatest roof materials available on the market today. If you are interested in learning more about slate roofing installation in Claremore, OK or Tulsa, OK, give us a ring now at (918) 260-4075! If you need a roofing technician you can trust with your slate roofing, rely on the roofers at Capital Roofing, LLC!

Why Choose a Slate Roofing System?

Slate Roofing Tiles

Slate Roof Tiles Are Among the Most Durable Roofing Materials

Though you have several different options for materials as you invest in a tile roof system, slate tiles hold more value per square foot. Slate tiles are so durable, you can expect them to last for more than a century on a roof, in some cases even outlasting the building itself. Slate tiles are tougher than man-made tiles built out of clay and concrete and thus last much longer. For additional safety, this material is noncombustible, meaning it will not light on fire, and it additionally defends the roof against mold and mildew development. In order to enjoy the exact slate roofing installation you have been dreaming of, be sure to ask about the wide selection of choices we offer at Capital Roofing, LLC!

Accurate Slate Roofing Installation Is Vital

In order to benefit from all of the great qualities slate roofing has to offer, it is so important that it is installed properly. Slate roofs are incredibly durable, but even they can be susceptible to serious damages if improperly installed. For this particular reason, it is vital that the contractor you decide on has years of experience with slate roofs, like our roofers here at Capital Roofing, LLC! Our roofers have been working with top quality slate roofing installation in Claremore, OK and Tulsa, OK, for years, and we know how to do the job right. For an excellent roofing system that will serve your home for decades, call us now at (918) 260-4075!