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A Wood Shake Roof is a Durable, Long Lasting Roofing System.

A wood shake shingle roof is known for its beautiful appearance, mainly because it is a natural roofing material. Providing energy efficiency to your home, these roofs are also very durable and last a long time. They remain strong during harsh weather. There is maintenance and repair that is required for these roofs. If your wood shake roof in Claremore, OK or Tulsa, OK, needs repair, Capital Roofing, LLC is here for you. Call us at (918) 260-4075.

Excellent Wood Shake Roof Replacement

Wood Shake Roof

If Your Wood Shake Shingle Roof Needs Repair or Replacement, Call Us.

If you have a wood shake roof, you may be wondering how to tell when it is it time to replace it. These roofs have a long lifespan and are not easily damaged, but when the time comes there are a few simple things to look for to determine if you should call a roofer for your wood shake shingles.

Splitting: Wood shingles can start splitting and cracking because of natural wear and tear or because of damage from a hailstone. Natural splitting is not as serious as hailstone damage. If you notice that your shingles have a split that is sharp around the edges and doesn’t have an orange tint to it, it was probably caused by a hailstone and you should call a roofing expert.

Curling: Over time, your wood shake shingles can dry out from the sun. This causes them to curl up around the edges. If you notice this happening to your wood shake roof, it may be time to consider a full roof replacement.

Edge Rot: Wood shingles can develop wood rot along the edges, causing the shingles to fray. This is often caused because moss or algae have grown out of control on the roof. If you notice moss or algae or edge rot on your wood shake roof call our roofing professionals.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Replacement

It is important that you allow a professional roofing contractor to replace your wood shake roof. The roofers at Capital Roofing, LLC will make sure the wood shake shingles are properly attached to the roof and check for other areas of your roof that might need to be replaced before completing the replacement. Give us a call today at (918) 260-4075 and we will gladly schedule an appointment to replace your wood shake roof in Claremore, OK or Tulsa, OK.