Roof Shingle Care

It’s not easy to see what is really happening on your roof. That is why there are professional inspections; sometimes, you need someone to get up on your roof and take a good look, because you cannot see problems when you’re safe on the ground. That means that you might not see a crack on a roof shingle, which can be a serious issue.

Shingle Cracks

You sometimes have to get close to see cracks in your shingles. Even if they’re small, they can still be a big problem. This means that they’re only going to get worse without repair. One storm is all it could take to turn a small crack into big damage. Water can get into those cracks, and then into your roof. Just a few drops of water are the slow beginning to moisture problems for your roof later.

Loose Roof Shingles

New Roof Shingles

Watch for Roof Shingle Damage

You may not be able to see loose shingles, either. Moisture can get into your roof through them, too. Plus, a storm could blow them off your roof. Loose shingles are no small issue, and they should be repaired immediately. More roof damage is definitely possible when you don’t have a shingle as protection.

Have your roof inspected regularly for damage that you can’t see. If you see, or your roofer finds roof shingle damage, don’t wait. Have it fixed before the roof damage gets worse. Trust the roofers at Capital Roofing, LLC for all your roofing needs in Claremore, OK. Call us at 918-297-8595 and have your roof inspected and repaired.