What Is The Cheapest Roof Type?

Oct - 29

What Is The Cheapest Roof Type?

Nowadays, roofing material is available in many varieties. Selecting the one, that suits your style, home decor, and is also budget-friendly, is a difficult task. When you are baffled by the numerous options of the market, it becomes tougher for you.

Roofing material should be selected by keeping in mind the following parameters.

Maintenance Requirement

Certain materials require timely repair, while some do not require much effort. So select the one that suits your work regime and is durable.

Color and Texture

Various colors and durable textures are available in the roofing material. You can consult your designer or see your home decor for choosing the one that suits your home ambiance.

Local Weather

Considering it as an essential factor, select the one that can withstand 365 days of climatic changes in the place where your residence is.

Material Weight

Select the proper material after considering the structural integrity and natural disasters common to your place.


  • Asphalt Shingle – Out of all the available options in the market, the asphalt shingle is in trend nowadays. It is available in vibrant colors and styles. Being highly durable, it can withstand high wind and ice. It costs around $100 per square foot that makes it cheapest of all.
  • Metal- This type of roofing material suits the best in fire and hurricane-prone areas. However, being radiant to solar heat these reduce the cooling effect by up to 30%. This makes them best for colder regions and for areas where the temperature remains constant, to avoid the contraction and expansion of metal used. Earlier they are made of copper, lead, or zinc, but today, galvanized steel is common being rustproof. They are simple, cost-effective, and more durable than asphalt roofing, costing about $120 to $900 per square foot.
  • Wooden- If you are looking for a natural and rustic look, wooden roofing is the one option that you can go for. Out of the several different available wood species, cedarwood is mostly used for its longevity, resistant to termites and insects. This makes it last longer for around 30 years. Although it is cost-effective, costing about $70 per square foot, it is not ideal for a volcano or fire-prone areas. Its cost varies depending upon the type of wood, style, and design used for roofing.
  • Clay- Clay tile roofing is known for its endurance to withstand pests attack, extreme climatic conditions- heavy rains, freeze, heatwaves, etc. It is suitable for both summers and winters as it regulates the inside temperature of the building.  It has many advantages, but it requires little extra care in installation and maintenance. Due to its fragile nature, its durability deteriorates. Clay tile cost varies widely from $150 per square foot to $400 per square foot, depending upon your selection of tile.

Therefore, depending upon the roof size, material, design, location, the actual cost of roofing may vary. Considering all dimensions, discuss with your architect or designer and get estimates for the required job.

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